Classes and Staff

Course Logistics #

Class Meetings #

This course meets on Monday and Wednesday, 2:00-3:30 PM Eastern Time, from February 1 to May 5, 2020. There are a few days with no class; see the course calendar for more details.

Class meetings will take place on Zoom. The link will be made available on the course Canvas site. As an Olin student, you should have a Pro license for Zoom. If you are cross-registered and do not have an account, contact Olin IT (link to contact info).

Most class meetings will be recorded and made available to students of the course. In accordance with Massachusetts state law, you will be asked for consent when recording starts or when you join a meeting that is being recorded. You are free to keep your audio and/or video off during these meetings.

Course Tools #

This course uses Canvas for announcements, quizzes, and grading. Sensitive information, such as the course Zoom link or access to recorded class meetings, are also made available on Canvas. Access to Canvas is limited to course students and staff and is invite-only.

We use GitHub to distribute most work (worksheets, assignments, and projects) and to give feedback. Students are eligible for the GitHub Student Developer Pack.

We use Discord for text and voice chats (including during class meetings). We recommend using Discord for Q&A and to connect with your classmates and the teaching team. The invitation link will be posted on Canvas.

We use this site to distribute much of the written course information, such as the syllabus, links to readings, and project description documents.

If you need help getting acquainted with any of these tools, or if you require special accommodations for any of these tools, please contact us or see our Accessibility Policy for potential solutions.

Instructors #

Erhardt Graeff
Office Hours: by appointment

Background and interests: I identify as both a social scientist and a public interest technologist. I work on the design and use of technology for civic engagement, civic learning, and social justice, and the ethical responsibility of technologists as stewards of democracy.

Steve Matsumoto
Office Hours: by appointment

Background and interests: I am a computer scientist and engineer in my second year of teaching at Olin. I study how we can move towards a more secure and private technological society through research, building better software, and improving computing education. My current research projects include a system to securely deploy new ways of checking websites' identities and an effort to better understand how the economic incentives in cryptocurrencies can be used and improved to tackle technical and social problems.

Carrie Nugent
Office Hours: by appointment

Background and interests: I am a planetary scientist interested in finding near-Earth asteorids. Turns out that job is less using telescopes and more processesing terabytes of images in Python. I like rocks.

Course Assistants #

In this course, course assistants (CAs) serve a few roles, including attending class, helping facilitate in-class discussions, grading, and providing office hours to help with assignments. They are essential to the smooth operation of this course, and have generously signed on to help learners in this course.

Below is a list of the amazing people we have on the CA team this semester, along with their contact information. A schedule of their office hours can be found on the course Canvas site.