Assessment and Grading

Assessment #

In a nutshell, your grade in this course is assessed based on your performance in the following categories:

  • Quizzes and Worksheets: 20%
  • Assignments: 20%
  • Midterm Project: 20%
  • Final Project: 20%

The assessment categories and methodology are aimed at measuring your growth in this course in a variety of ways while providing flexibility for students of different learning styles. Specifically, while each of the categories above will count towards your final grade, there are a few concessions we make in calculating your score in each of these areas (described in the section below). Also, whichever category in which you score the highest percentage will count as 40% of your final grade instead of 20%.

Grading Concessions/Late Policy #

For quizzes and worksheets, your lowest two grades (collectively) will be dropped automatically. Note that this is the lowest two grades across quizzes and worksheets, not two grades in each category.

For assignments, you receive four late days during the semester that you can use for any assignment. A late day is a 24-hour extension on an assignment. To use a late day, simply submit your assignment late, and we will automatically deduct the appropriate number of late days. If you do not submit an assignment at all, it is considered missing and no late days will be deducted.

If you use a single late day, your self-assessment will still be due at the usual time, so please keep this in mind. If you use more than one late day for an assignment, your self-assessment will be due two days after your submission. Additionally, an instructor will grade your work rather than a CA, in order to protect the CAs' time.

If you have used up your late days, or if you need to submit any part of a project late, please note that we can only offer extensions in the case of emergencies. We therefore recommend you to try and save your late days for when you really need them.

Here are some examples of good reasons for such extensions:

  • mental health crisis
  • taking care of very sick friend/relative
  • too sick to work (if you would miss class if it was in person, miss virtual class. We want you to take care of yourselves!)
  • 8+ hour internet outage
  • laptop is acting up / need IT

Here are some reasons that would likely not result in an extension:

  • forgot to submit
  • general course-related stress (please use your late days for this)
  • other reasonably preventable scenarios

In the event that you need to request an extension, please note that you do not have to disclose these details to us if you are not comfortable - you can instead speak with the Assistant Dean of Students Adva Waranyuwat (, who can help us determine a suitable accommodation without revealing any sensitive information.