Assessment and Grading

Assessment #

In a nutshell, your grade in this course is assessed based on your performance in the following categories:

  • Quizzes: 20%
  • Assignments: 20%
  • Projects 1 and 2: 20%
  • Final Project: 20%

The assessment categories and methodology are aimed at measuring your growth in this course in a variety of ways while providing flexibility for students of different learning styles. Specifically, while each of the categories above will count towards your final grade, there are a few concessions we make in calculating your score in each of these areas (described in the section below). Also, whichever category in which you score the highest percentage will count as 40% of your final grade instead of 20%.

Grading Concessions #

In calculating your quiz grade, the lowest two quiz scores (for any reason) will be dropped.

For assignments, you receive two late days during the semester that you can use for any assignment, with a maximum of one day per assignment. A late day is a 24-hour extension on the deadline and can be used with no questions asked; however, you must notify us that you are using a late day before the original deadline. Additionally, even if you take a late day, your self-assessment will still be due at the original time. (This is done to accommodate the NINJAs' grading schedule.)

If for any reason you need grading accommodations beyond what is given above, please let us know and we will try to work out a reasonable solution. This is an unusual semester, and we understand that there are many factors outside your control. Please do not just try to “push through” - let us know if you need help so we can make appropriate accommodations.

Grading Scale #

Grades are assigned as follows:

  • A: at least 93%
  • A-: at least 90% but below 93%
  • B+: at least 87% but below 90%
  • B: at least 83% but below 87%
  • B-: at least 80% but below 83%
  • C+: at least 77% but below 80%
  • C: at least 73% but below 77%
  • C-: at least 70% but below 73%
  • D+: at least 65% but below 70%
  • D: at least 60% but below 65%
  • F: below 60%

We reserve the right to adjust the grading scale down. In other words, we may make it easier for you to achieve a certain grade, but we will not make it harder.