Course Calendar #

This course calendar will be updated as the semester progresses. If you have any questions about something coming up in a future class, please ask us on Discord.

All deadlines are at 2PM Eastern Time.

Dates in bold indicate in-class meetings.

Date Activities Assigned Due
Mon 2/1 Introduction to SoftDes Read Syllabus
Wed 2/3 Syllabus; Computational Setup; Bash Reading 0; Assignment 0 Read Syllabus
Mon 2/8 Python Basics; print; Git; Submitting Homework Reading 1 Reading 0
Wed 2/10 Worksheet 1 (Functions; Conditionals; Strings and Slices) Assignment 1; Reading 2 Reading 1; Assignment 0
Mon 2/15 No class - President’s Day
Wed 2/17 Lists/Ranges; Comprehensions; for Loops; Self-Assessments Self-Assessment 1; Assignment 2 Assignment 1
Fri 2/19 Self-Assessment 1