0. Introduction to Assignments

Assignment 0: Introduction to Assignments #

This first assignment is a sort of practice in working with and submitting assignments. While your assignments in the remainder of the semester focus on computing in Python, this assignment instead focuses on getting you started with Markdown, Jupyter, Bash, and Git, which you will use in conjunction with Python.

Normally, our assignments will be distributed through Git, but in this first (or zeroth) assignment, we assume that you have never used Git before. We thus make the files available as a compressed archive.

We recommend that you download the files to your machine from within Ubuntu. To do this, open Ubuntu and run the command wget https://softdes.olin.edu/0-intro-to-assignments.tar.gz && tar xvzf 0-intro-to-assignments.tar.gz. This should create a folder called 0-intro-to-assignments.

Before getting started on the assignment, we recommend doing the corresponding reading, which covers the information you need to complete the assignment. You can also do the assignment and the reading together, if you prefer.

To start working on the assignment, run the command jupyter notebook in Ubuntu. You will get some output and your Web browser may launch. If not, simply open your Web browser and visit the site http://localhost:8888 (note: this link will not work properly if jupyter notebook is not running). You may have to input a token value shown when you run jupyter notebook. From there, you should see the folder a0 that you can navigate to and select the file 0-intro-to-assignments.ipynb to open the assignment.

At some points of the assignment, you will need to open an additional instance of Ubuntu to complete exercises or tasks. Simply click to open Ubuntu to open an additional window to work in.